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17. 4. 2022

Přátelé, ozývám se po dlouhé odmlce, protože mám práce nad hlavu, což je na jednu stranu bezvadné, ale na druhou stranu nestíhám přidávat aktuality. A že se toho děje teď opravdu hodně. 

Do sekce Hudba jsem přidal MP3 z alba Continuum. Zároveň si můžete album poslechnout na všech populárních platformách (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon ad.).

A proč jsem se tak dlouho neozval? 

S YouTube kanálem Steve and Maggie máme velké plány. Prakticky denně pracuji na hudbě k novým dílům našeho nekonečného seriálu a velmi mě to baví. Je to taková filmová skladba zhuštěná do několikaminutových skečů pro děti. 


Tak zase někdy brzy a jazzdar!




March 20, 2021

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, the first single 'Hunch' is released from the new album 'Continuum'. After nine long years, I returned to work on my own music, which, paradoxically, was only made possible by last year's national quarantine due to the spread of COVID-19. Due to the limited possibilities of recording, I focused mainly on solo interpretation and created approximately 45 minutes of music, making it practically a long-playing record.

The single called Hunch was created in an unconventional way by creating a basic orientation version on a computer, which I provided as a basis for recording percussion instruments and bass guitar. I had to take care of the other instruments myself with the help of samples and MIDI programming.

Colleagues who lent their musical art in this recording are Tomáš Piala and Marek Leždík. Both are highly professional musicians who are seasoned improvisers and studio players. The last time I played with both of them was in the accompanying band of Ilona Csáková (2015 - 2018) and before that, for example, in the band With Gust. The recording took place during the social distancing period in the spring of 2020. Tomáš recorded the drums in his home studio.

One may wonder why I release music for the most part by playing samples. In my opinion, this recording captures the complex circumstances of its creation and thus has its own unique atmosphere. I also do not rule out that sometime in the future I will not bring a project of this orchestral dimension into the studio for live recording from a financial point of view. Maybe I'm lucky.

I'll go there and you there


Petr Sovič releases another recording of his Golden Big Band Prague orchestra from the Sono Records studio. Tentorkát song I will go there and you there, my arrangement with the text of the legendary Zdeněk Borovec. Bon apetite.

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